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La Plume de NOM is the newsletter of New Orleans Mensa.

Current and Previous Newsletters

Members-Only Section

To access the full newsletter, click on the link. When you are prompted for a name and a password, use the one you set up on the American Mensa website.

Current and previous issues of LaPlume:


Dec 2016No artwork

Nov 2016No artwork

Oct 2016No artwork

Sep 2016No artwork

Aug 2016No artwork

Jul 2016No artwork

Jun 2016No artwork

May 2016No artwork

Apr 2016No artwork

Mar 2016No artwork

Feb 2016No artwork

Jan 2016No artwork


Dec 2015No artwork

Nov 2015No artwork

Oct 2015No artwork

Sep 2015No artwork

Aug 2015No artwork

Jul 2015No artwork

Jun 2015No artwork

May 2015No artwork

Apr 2015Is this dress black and white or white and black?

Mar 2015No artwork

Feb 2015No artwork

Jan 2015No artwork


Dec 2014No artwork

Nov 2014No artwork

Oct 2014No artwork

Sep 2014No artwork

Aug 2014No artwork

Jul 2014No artwork

Jun 2014No artwork

May 2014No artwork

Apr 2014Front Page Secedes

Mar 2014No artwork

Feb 2014No artwork

Jan 2014No artwork


Dec 2013Joy

Nov 2013No artwork

Oct 2013No artwork

Sep 2013Animal Photos

Aug 2013No artwork

Jul 2013No artwork

Jun 2013No artwork

May 2013No artwork

Apr 2013Nome Plum Deal

Mar 2013No artwork

Feb 2013No artwork

Jan 2013No artwork


Dec 2012No artwork

Nov 2012No artwork

Oct 2012Mensa Logo

Sep 2012Henry Franks

Aug 2012New Orleans Saints Fleur de Lis

Jul 2012Sunset on Lake Pontchartrain

Jun 2012Hurricane Map

May 2012French Quarter

Apr 2012Play Ball!

Mar 2012NCAA Final Four

Feb 2012parade scene

Jan 2012superdome


Dec 2011snow

Nov 2011Fish

Oct 2011BlueDog

Sep 2011Superdome

Aug 2011Decatur Street

July 2011Canal Street

June 2011Sunset

May 2011Cemetary

April 2011Nome Plum Deal

March 2011Aerial view of city

February 2011Lafayette Cemetery #1

January 2011Old New Orleans Map


December 2010Streetcar / Snow

November 2010Thanksgiving

October 2010Jack-o-lantern

September 2010Saints

Jul/Aug 2010Jackson Square

May/June 2010French Quarter Scene

Mar/Apr 2010no cover

Jan/Feb 2010tree and face


Nov/Dec 2009vote

Sept/Oct 2009vote

July/August 2009belly dancer

May/June 2009flowers

Mar/Apr 2009branch

Jan/Feb 2009owl


Nov/Dec 2008umbrellas

Sept/Oct 2008flowers

Jul/Aug 2008owl

May/June 2008fruit

Mar/Apr 2008chicks

Jan/Feb 2008vista


Nov/Dec 2007house

Sept/Oct 2007veggies

Jul/Aug 2007grass

May/June 2007woman with bright hat

Mar/Apr 2007flowers

Jan/Feb 2007yellow ladder


Nov/Dec 2006tablescape

Sept/Oct 2006yellow ladder

Jul/Aug 2006vine and fence

May/June 2006flowers

Mar/Apr 2006Jackson Square


July/August 2005Mensagumbo AG

May/June 2005flowers

Mar/Apr 2005fruit

Jan/Feb 2005coffee and beignets


Nov/Dec 2004ducks

Sept/Oct 2004city

Jul/Aug 2004Birds

May/June 2004Clothesline

Mar/Apr 2004Hummingbird

Jan/Feb 2004Mardi Gras Hats


Nov/Dec 2003Feeding Ducks

Sept/Oct 2003Pumpkins

Jul/Aug 2003Owl and Flag

May/June 2003Shrimp NORGy VI

Mar/Apr 2003birds on fence

Jan/Feb 2003 cat


Nov/Dec 2002 Tree Scenery

Sept/Oct 2002 World Trade Center, NYC

Jul/Aug 2002 Flags in the wind

Previous Cover Art

Some of the cover art for the past issues:


catNov/Dec 2001

applesMarch/April 2001


owlsSeptember 2000

gobletsJul/Aug 2000

water sceneMay/June 2000

churchJan/Feb 2000


street cornerDecember 1999

beachAugust 1999

balconyJuly 1999

peachJune 1999

sitting downMay 1999


on stoolAugust 1998

coffeepotJuly 1998

fishing netJune 1998

trellisMay 1998


houses on streetDecember 1997

Italian wine bottleNovember 1997

ghosts and jack o'lanternOctober 1997

riverboats July 1997

Contributing to LaPlume

Please send submissions to the editor, Kevin Chesnut, via email at:

Anonymous materials will not be considered, but a pseudonym may be published. The Editor reserves the right to edit any submission for suitability and space. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Editors or of the New Orleans Mensa. As a matter of fact, New Orleans Mensa has no opinion on anything.

The deadline for article submissions is usually the 20th of the month. This is because it takes the printer a week to do a proper job, then labels must be applied, and it quite often takes a week for bulk mail to be delivered.

If any member has an event for the La Plume de NOM calendar, contact the LocSec, Bart Geraci. Allow 30 days from deadline to process request. For instance, contact must be made by August 1 for inclusion in the September calendar.

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